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  • Please pray for my brother Edwin Colon. He is in the hospital with brain cancer and liver infection. Doctors say he’s got 2 weeks to live. Thanks for praying. God bless! ♥
    Maribel Rodriguez - April 06, 2018
  • i am goin to write my Mtech exam ie Random Process. Please pray for me to get a pass with outstanding grade for this subject.
    NAINA MILTON - December 06, 2017
  • reconciliation of my bestfriend and girlfriend i known for four years we are both young anxd learning i want uis both to be filled with mutual love understanding maturisity patience and care from one another for my depression anxiety suicidal thoughts and hopelessness and hopeless thoughts and upset
    noah ahmed - October 23, 2017
  • my name is Jesu, i need for a job..please pray for me.
    Jesu raju - October 05, 2017
  • Before me and my fiance met, we prayed that God would send the perfect helpmate. God spoke to her and told her that i was the one and i am his best for her. God spoke to me and told me that she's my help mate. Many times for 4 months straight, random people would speak to us saying that God put us together but she found out that i watched porn last night. when she found out, she began to doubt God, me, and us. we've been warned about the devil wanting to break us up but i pray God reassures her that i'm still her husband to be and the best God has to offer. i pray she fights for our relationship. i pray for mercy, forgiveness, and understanding. i dont feel she gives me enough affection but i pray god uncomplicate things and cause the confusion to become clear. i pray that she is has blessed assurance that i am her's because God gave me to her and her to me.
    george polk - April 03, 2017